HerdDogg addresses the needs of livestock producers

The University of Wyoming (UW) Ranch Management and Ag Leadership Program hosted several presenters to discuss a range of topics designed to create real-world learning opportunities and discussions for UW students.

During the event, HerdDogg Founder and CRO Melissa Brandão talked about her company and its focus – giving producers data they need to make more money from every animal they raise. Brandão, a Laramie native and former Apple computer technologist, saw a need to get data out of the field for producers. Prior to HerdDogg, reading ear tags was difficult when cattle were out in the field, she notes.

“This was really the problem we were trying to solve. HerdDogg stands for herd, data, generator and gatherer. The idea was to generate the data on the tag in the field and then figure out the easiest, most efficient and cheapest way of getting it out of the field.”

Melissa Brandão, founder and CRO of HerdDogg

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