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Howdy from HerdDogg!

After last month’s focus on beef ranching and how our Animal Traceability Initiative adds value in that sector, this month we’re working on how HerdDogg’s data can drive value for dairy farmers.

Our goal for dairy farmers is to equip them with the tools they need to be more proactive about their animal welfare policies. Stewardship is the keyword, and animal data is what enables any producer to back their commitment to animal welfare with detailed biometric data that provides insights into each animal’s activity, whereabouts, and water and food intake.   

To that end, we’re partnering with SmartHolstein program, a scientific study that aims to better understand what drives animal wellbeing and how that relates to the quality of milk produced. This promises to be very interesting.

Next week, of course, is the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. If you’re planning to be there, drop by and say howdy!

Warmest regards,
Melissa Brandao
Founder, HerdDogg

HerdDogg joins SmartHolstein Project’s Genetic Study

This week, HerdDogg’s tags were affixed to each of the 55 magnificent Holsteins at the SmartHolstein demonstration and development farm in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Here, scientists are studying the animals’ novel phenotypic traits using the latest technologies such as wearable technologies, computer vision powered by artificial intelligence, and milk-based biomarkers.

The SmartHolstein team also wants to understand how all this data can be used for on-farm decision making. Meanwhile, additional analytics will be performed by AgriTech Analytics, a DHI dairy records processing center owned by Holstein Association.

The project’s long-term goal is to develop a 100-percent A2, polled herd of cows in the top 20 percent of the breed for TPI® (Total Performance Index) with additional emphasis on health, reproduction, and fitness traits.

As a data-collection partner for SmartHolstein, HerdDogg is supplying its latest biometrics platform and Bluetooth tags for the 55 animals that comprise the nuclear herd, giving scientists access to accurate, real-time animal activity biometric data.

“With HerdDogg’s real-time animal biometrics sensors and cloud-based Animal Record Collection platform, our scientific team can efficiently gather incredibly accurate data that we hope will provide additional insights into each animal,” said Jeffrey Bewley, a long-time dairy tech researcher involved with the WKU SmartHolstein Lab project.

HerdDogg shines in the World Dairy Expo Tech Spotlight

For years, World Dairy Expo® has been the place to introduce new ideas and innovations to the global dairy industry. This year, the World Dairy Expo Tech Spotlight takes this tradition to the next level by creating a platform for dairy technology startups to formally present their ideas to dairy producers around the globe. 

HerdDogg was selected to participate!

The Spotlight consists of two parts: a showcase of the innovations followed by a panel discussion with industry experts. You can livestream the video right now or, if you’re attending WDE, watch the in-person event on September 28 at 10:30 a.m. (CST) in Mendota 2 in the Exhibition Hall.

Drop by and meet us on booth #628!

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