The Animal Traceability Platform

The Animal Traceability Platform
HD ATP Solution Top@2x


Animal Record Collection

Livestock Data & Insights

The HerdDogg Animal Record Collection (ARC) is more than just a digital animal record, it provides live insights into herd behavior and point-of-care treatment of each animal. With ARC producers can recognize illness and injury early, and accurately detect estrus cycles.

The Grange

Speciality Livestock Products & Services

The Grange offers HerdDogg producers and speciality livestock product and service partners an in-field marketplace that maximizes efficiencies for producers and leverages insights across the value chain.


Digital Auditing & Program Compliance

The Digital Inspector analyzes each and every animal record and calculates the highest value outcomes and program certifications.

The Complete Data Capture SOLUTION

The Only Bluetooth-Enabled Livestock Tags on the Market

DoggTags Offer Superior Range, Data Capture Capabilities, and Operational Life.

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