HerdDogg, Inc. Introduces Remote Sensing Technology for Precision Livestock Farming

HerdDogg, Inc. has developed “smart tags for smart cows.” The HerdDogg is a two-part “Internet of Things” system that pairs multiple smart cattle tags with a lightweight passive reader and collects detailed biometric data from animals. It is easily accessible using portable devices and smart phones and the data is on-demand. This powerful data ensures livestock farmers and other users can make rapid data-driven decisions on their animals’ health, and have the predictive information to maintain a healthy animal population.

The Company has raised a seed round of $750,000 including $500,000 from Serra Ventures, a central Illinois-based venture capital firm that focuses on investing in Midwestern startups. HerdDogg, which is led by founder and CEO Melissa Brandao, is a pivotal startup in the fast growing AgTech space.

“We have been so fortunate to work with early investors that understand the AgTech space, which has helped ensure we are building the right product for our customers,” states Ms. Brandao. HerdDogg will be looking to raise an additional $1-2 million in its Series A financing in the first quarter of 2017.

More and more people are wearing fitness trackers to augment their health and wellbeing, and with more than 2 billion livestock in the food supply globally it’s time to make that same technology available for precision livestock management. Instead of using bar code technology which is used heavily in the livestock industry today, HerdDogg has developed the use of advanced technologies not just to count animals but to gain insight into each animal within the entire herd health. Once data is flowing from within the herds, HerdDogg will be well positioned to improve the efficiency of the entire value chain. Not only does HerdDogg provide better insight and health tracking for external stakeholders such as vets or buyers that want access to animal history, the HerdDogg application programming interface (API) enables seamless integration with legacy or online systems investments.

About HerdDogg
HerdDogg was publicly introduced in November 2015 when the team was selected to be on Intel’s new reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers: Wearable Technology and since then has been doing pilot programs at several ranches and dairies across the U.S. HerdDogg plans a public beta launch in November with pre-orders available at that time. For more information, go to https://www.herddogg.com.

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