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Built to Suit

HerdDogg works with producers and species of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small herd or large herd, beef or bison — HerdDogg delivers a hardware and software solution designed for you. HerdDogg can boost efficiency, lower costs, and improve animal welfare through early detection and in-field identification.


Cow/Calf Operators

Improve remote management with minimal stress to your herd.

HerdDogg’s unique features:

  • Track animals from your phone 24/7
  • Get alerts on missing animals
  • Check animal behavior and location using Smart Sites
  • Count your animals and move them—all from your phone
  • Identify any animal, day or night, using its tag LED
  • Use digital protocols for in-field point of care

The cattle industry is moving toward more information, and the more information you can add to your product, basically, the more value you’re going to add to your product.

As the meat industry moves toward traceability, HerdDogg ensures that my business is on the leading edge.

Chase Lockhart

Lockhart Cattle Co.


Dairy Producers

Maximize your herd’s productivity and welfare

HerdDogg Provided Benefits:

  • In-field data collection
  • Tracks animals biometrics in real time
  • Get alerts on estrus, illness, and missing animals
  • Turn on tag LED lights to find breeding set
  • Detailed animal records for birth, weight, production, progeny
  • Mobile protocols and reporting for digital record keeping
  • Use Smart Sites for inventory tracking

"Animal well-being is an area where the HerdDogg system can really help us. Dairy farmers are continually monitoring their animals, and there’s no doubt that technology cannot replace a trained eye. But nobody has the ability to watch every animal 24 hours a day."

Jeffrey Bewley, PhD.

Holstein Association USA Analytics and
Innovation Scientist



Improve large-scale animal logistics and wellness

HerdDogg Provided Benefits:

  • Easily identify any animal within the herd using its tag LED
  • Track change of feeding, watering behavior with Smart Sites
  • Automated and scalable individualized record-keeping 
  • Powerful, customizable data sharing with third-party vendors and services
  • Sharable animal QR code with
  • Integration with external equipment and platforms
  • Service notifications for tagging animals and staff

"HerdDogg helps boost overall efficiency in feedyards. Our reusable Bluetooth tags enable producers to identify and pull sick animals faster."

Melissa Brandão

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer HerdDogg

Research &

Research & Universities

Low-cost, scalable, non-obtrusive data platform suitable for large, individualized datasets

HerdDogg Provided Benefits:

  • Low cost, high quality technology offering
  • Automated data upload; data can be downloaded for deeper analytics
  • Track biometrics, behavior
  • Geo-location and geo-fencing with Smart Sites
  • Technology supports advanced motion detection
  • Cellular and satellite IoT connectivity available

"We believe that using wearable technology to capture data in real time will be a massive improvement over previous research. We’ll be able to capture much more accurate and robust data about each animal’s behavior over the course of the day, no matter where it is on the ranch."

J.Derek Scasta, PhD.

Laramie Research and Extension Center College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Wyoming