Sustainability Demands Data

HerdDogg’s commitment to a sustainable beef industry is paramount to our success.

Our collective future depends on access to healthy and safe food for a growing population that is increasingly aware of the environmental impact of agriculture. Innovation is key to sustainability, and data is a crucial part of how the industry addresses the needs of consumers and producers.​​ 

HerdDogg’s technology supports key sustainability objectives. The platform allows producers to automatically capture a wide array of data, produces measurable results at an individual animal level, and tracks that data distribution from the first mile all the way to the last mile.

Sustainability Means Traceability

Producers and consumers alike want better visibility into the food supply chain. New technology provides producers and retailers with detailed health, veterinary, and transportation records that can be shared across the supply chain.


Producers and consumers alike want better visibility into the supply chain. New technology is providing producers and retail with detailed health, veterinary and transportation records that can be shared with supply chain stakeholders.


In 2020, HerdDogg began the Wyoming Traceability Initiative to study the feasibility of bringing vital animal data from the farm-to-fork using our Animal Traceability Platform. Each animal is given a unique QR code which enables that animal data to be share across the supply chain. The producer controls and manages his or her own animal data.

Sustainability Means Land Conservation

With improved efforts at regenerative crop and grazing management, ruminants can reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions, increase soil carbon sequestration, and reduce environmental damage. If you don’t measure it, you can't manage it.


The National Bison Association wanted to accelerate the stewardship and education of land conservation for bison producers through it's new Land Conservation Management Plan program.


HerdDogg in conjunction with the NBA designed the online Land Conservation Management Plan which streamlines the application, program management, payment process and administration allowing NBA to focus on educating producers and improving overall land conservation metrics within their association members.

Sustainability Means
Higher Profits for Producers

Cattle producers have seen their profits shrink even as the demand for beef continues to rise. The old way of doing things isn’t enough to compete.


For most producers, data capture is done in a single unrepeated record, often on paper, that needs to then be transcribed to spreadsheets, then spreadsheets to another system. Precision, high quality animal data is sought from buyers and consumers alike as it improves transparency and consumer confidence. It helps to increase the animal’s value.


Using the HerdDogg platform with or without DoggTags provides a producer access to simple but improved data collection, data analytics and quality and welfare management. The data provides producers a means to market their animals at a higher price.

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