The Grange

The Grange, Fully Integrated Livestock Management

The Grange brings together HerdDogg’s partners and third party companies into one central hub where information, equipment, and goods and services can be shared in-field and at that critical point of producer’s protocols, task management and animal care.

The Grange enables HerdDogg producers to access key partners when that data is needed most.

For our partners, The Grange offers several tiers of opportunities to market and manage product offerings to producers, most importantly at critical decision point. If you are interested in any of our partnership tiers please reach out! We’d love to tell you more!

Find Help Fast

Do you need to ship your animals or call your vet? HerdDogg’s directory provides the producer a one touch call or email.

Interested in listing your company in the Grange Directory?

Order Goods & Services

Need to order vaccines for fall weaning or a new scale? Order any number of products or services from our catalog of partners directly from the HerdDogg app, while you’re in the field.

Interested in selling youR products and services direct to livestock producers?

Integrate Hardware

Preparing for calf registration or spring breeding? Access your accounts directly via HerdDogg platform to place orders, view purchase history and test results.

Interested in integrating your hardware and equipment data directly into the Animal Traceability Platform?

Send Audit Reports

Utilizing the HerdDogg ARC and Digital Inspector programs, HerdDogg customers can keep track of their program requirements and provide detailed digital records. Provide this verification to HerdDogg VAP/PVP partners to market your animals.

Interested in making your Quality or Welfare program a fully digital, real-time auditing solution?

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