The Wyoming Traceability Initiative

Problem: Producers Make Less Money, While Big Meat Makes More.

• Livestock prices are at rock bottom but meat is more expensive than ever in the grocery store.

• More than one half of the value of the Wyoming Beef Industry leaves the state on trucks. 

• Wyoming consumers want Wyoming Beef locally grown and locally sold.

Solution: HerdDogg Allows Producers to Make More Money from Every Animal They Raise.

• Producers can leverage rich animal data sets to add value to their livestock.

• Producers and their Supply Chain Partners have access to real time animal biometrics.

• Producers and Consumers both gain value with improved data transparency and provenance.

The Wyoming Traceability Initiative

HerdDogg and its Wyoming Partners are building a model for Livestock Traceability that ensures Producers and Consumers all benefit.

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For Producers: Here’s how it works.

  1. Automate and improve those animal data sets by purchasing the HerdDogg’s Starter Kits. We have two options. Pick one and try it out on 25 head–give us a try.
  2. Set the DoggBone reader or the DoggHouse with the reader inside of it out with your herd..
  3. As data is added to the platform, the HerdDogg system will create unique QR codes for each animal that you can share with a buyer, processor or consumer. We will work with you to establish the best method for data collection and data distribution.

For Supply Chain Partners: Here’s how it works.

  1. Purchase a DoggBone reader from HerdDogg and install it at your truck, pen or field.
  2. When HerdDogg tagged animals arrive, the data from each animal is automatically read and is updated with ID, location and time.